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Guillermo Fornes

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Artist Statement

As an initial reference to an approximation of the work of Guillermo Fornes, in the words of the critic Fernando Castro Flores: "His work is built on two pillars, the creation of speech based on synthesis and its gestural work, transmitting in its different shades a journey of emotion, innovation and experimentation in the creative process.

Keep in mind that a gesture is the imaginary signifier of contemporary art. It is important to take into consideration that the characteristic of gesture is produced through him instrumentally, he does not know it nor is it acted but in a certain sense, it is assumed and withstood. The gesture of Guillermo Fornes, made with a passion for the circular form and turning pictorial support into an action plan, is governed by a potent passion. The aesthetic and theoretical foundations in the themes of this originator are based on the symbolism used and the value of color: already treating the essence question (Noum), the Time (Log), birth (Origin), transformation (Entropy) or culture (Library of Alexandria).
Undoubtedly, the "sedimentary" paintings of Guillermo Fornes are an incarnation from our landscape to the interior, from the colossal to the intimate, reconciling that rare intermediate place where you can manifest the sublime. The news of the sublime, appointed by Barnett Newman.

While painting he practices a magical theory of vision: things happen directly to the spirit and goes out through the eyes to walk into the defined. We know that if you dawdle away feeling everything will be adrift, that absolute gesture that announced the emptiness in Rothko's painting is, in reality, a demand for plenitude or, better, an impulse towards the infinite as expressed by Shitao.

Everything that is simple, everything in us that is strong, even everything durable, is the gift of the moment. Braided in the obsessive tissue of stares we have the weightlessness of the forms, the glare, the search for purification and yearning for transparency, but also the desire for sobriety, manifested in the work of Guillermo Fornes purified, with an absolute fidelity to poetry.

An archetypal Guillermo Fornes oeuvre reveals an extraordinary poetry of happiness, we are trapped in the value of it's paradox, the overwhelming lightness and fascinating forms bring us closer to the inexplicable. "All the great works", observes John Berger, " the works that enslave us forever, are close to what inspired them". It is difficult to talk about the pleasures and recondite harmonies of those experiences that we know as intimacy. You have to be prepared to listen to the unfamiliar. Fornes paints the transparent, a seer of what is deeply hidden yet also evident as skin or the air.

His "aquatic representations" accomplish an intense praise of the visible, that seems to wish all those who intend to come close to it with words. His work, has an admirable pictorial sobriety, deposits feelings of vital plenitude and transmits euphoria. Painting opens up the world physically and makes us, in all senses, visionaries.

"Guillermo Fornes (Bilbao 1964) started his career 30 years ago in London, where he studied Fine Arts at Kings College of Art, collaborated with the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and worked with the Bilbao-Arte Foundation. His work has been exhibited at galleries in Mexico, England, Germany and Spain. His work can be found worldwide in public and private collections.